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Cherry Cola hair makes waves

Instagram @blakelydoll

Currently strongly trending on social media, the Cherry Cola hair shade is a rich, mid-to-dark brown with accents of cool burgundy, maroon and purple.

As an article on points out, Cherry Cola can vary on each client’s hair and can throw different tones when it hits the light. The shade can also be customised to meet each client’s needs, making it particularly versatile – one reason why it is proving so popular.

Cherry Cola is also an adaptable shade thanks to its ability to be played up or down in vibrancy. Terry Longden, Matrix Artist Ambassador, discusses the other pros to the shade, explaining: “Cherry Cola is great for adding high gloss to darker, tired hair that is maybe starting to look matte. The only negative is that, if further down the line blonde is desired, it’s a big job to remove unwanted tones that your Cherry Cola can contain.”

Meanwhile, Heather Shaw, FG Colour Director, adds: “This shade is perfect for clients who want to be a redhead but aren’t ready to fully take the plunge. My top tip would be on very dark bases, don’t be afraid to add a lot of the cherry pigment to the mixture to ensure that you get that true Cherry Cola result. More is more – let’s cool down those reds.”


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