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Celebs sporting unusual hairdos

Nicole Kidman (Instagram @nicolekidman)

Known for her long and flowing strawberry blonde locks, Nicole Kidman recently debuted a surprising pixie crop in an Instagram pic taken on the set pic of the new Apple TV+ series, ‘Roar’.

This style is so atypical for Kidman that it left most people wondering whether it was a wig or her actual hair.

Shorter and tapered into the neck at the back, the cut is longer at the front (just below the ears), with a side-parted fringe.

For the announcement of her new Fenty Parfum, singer Rianna sported long sideburns that lurked under long, black, super-sleek hair. The sideburns were angled in towards the ears and only really visible when the hair was tucked behind them.

Remember the mullet hairdo of the 1980s that was deemed so cool at the time and seriously uncool ever since? Well, singer Miley Cyrus seems to be favouring this style quite a bit in recent months – it almost seems like she’s dedicated to transforming the mullet into an edgy look for the times.

The latest incarnation of the Miley-style-mullet is straight and shaggy at the front, and long and layered at the back.

Once home from the Tokyo Olympics, legendary American gymnast, Simone Biles, ditched her tightly festooned, competition-style top-knot, for waist-length braids that were left un-plaited from the shoulders down.

Supermodel Karlie Kloss was recently photographed in New York with her hair tied back in a series of twisted strands on the crown of her head. (Report by Joanna Sterkowicz)


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