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Birkin bangs make a comeback

Jane Birkin performing in 2019 (Melanie Lemahieu/

The recent passing of 1960s icon of French cool girl chic, Jane Birkin, has brought her famous hairstyle back into vogue.

Birkin, a British and French singer/ actress, always wore her long brunette hair loose and punctuated by thick, eyebrow-skimming bangs.

An article on HJI describes her fringe thus: Birkin Bangs are the ultimate, laidback fringe, cut just above the eyebrows and longer at the temples. “With wispy ends, this is a gorgeous face-framing alternative to a more blunt, structured version of the fringe,” says Leonardo Rizzo of Sanrizz, Guildford. “The result is something that suits almost everyone and grows out beautifully, making this a lower maintenance option for clients.”


“They can be adapted for straight or wavy hair, allowing versatility,” adds Melissa Timperley, Founder of Melissa Timperley, Manchester.

When creating Birkin Bangs, it’s all about the point cutting technique. “This involves cutting the bangs at an angle with vertically held scissors, resulting in soft, textured edges that blend seamlessly,” says Melissa.

Andrew Minarik, Indola UK Ambassador has this to say: “Section a deep triangle at the front of the hair, from the outside of eyes and back to one third of way to the top of the head. Split this into three diagonal sections, and for each section lift the hair and pull back towards the crown and point cut across. Once you have the main shape, freehand texture cut to a length between the eyebrows and centre eyes making sure there are no sharp edges to this fringe.”

Sharon Cobo/

But as the style requires to be slightly adapted depending on face shape, what exactly should you consider when creating this look on clients? “I’d stay close to the brow-line, knowing exactly where the wispy ends should land for maximum suitability,” Leonardo tells us. “Take the weight out of the ends to give it that cool, undone look that blends back into the hair with ease.”


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