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All things colour and ‘Essential Looks’

Angela Smith

Salon International talks to Angela Smith, PPS Manager at Henkel Beauty Care, about her passion for colour and about how Schwarzkopf Professional’s 'Essential Looks' collection influences the industry.

To start with, please tell us a bit about yourself.

I have been in the industry for 23 years and have been a technical trainer for a decade. As such, I thrive on educating stylists, particularly on guiding them on growth and increasing their turnover.

My belief is that if you have the knowledge, you will have the confidence, and if you have both, you will make money.

I live for my brand and have a true belief in my company. In addition, I love learning from stylists. My blood is black!

Why are you so passionate about colour?

Colour is where we can truly unleash our creativity. I find colour consulting so exciting and seeing our guests’ faces when we transform their hair is priceless for me. Colour is where we make money.

I love the trust that guests have in me to transform them – it makes everything worth it. Mixing and experimenting with colour is my true happy place and learning from our mistakes is what being a stylist is all about.

Colour opens a world of beautiful inspiration – it provides the chance to imagine, contrast, create and transform.

What is ‘Essential Looks’?

‘Essential Looks’ is a collection that we launch twice a year based on seasonal trends. It truly motivates stylists and offers a platform for them to transform and create.

I have been exposed to many collections and when I share the learnings that I receive, it’s amazing to see how every stylist adds their own flare to it.

‘Essential Looks’ is very trend-oriented. What fascinates me is that the creators of Essential Looks get inspiration from the leading catwalks in the world, interpreting those trends into a hair collection. There is a split in every collection from catwalk to salon looks and there is always something for everybody. Mind blown!

How do salons use ‘Essential Looks’?

Salons use ‘Essential Looks’ as a consultation tool to guide their guests with the latest trends. Our guests are always looking for hot new ideas; these are available at their fingertips.

‘Essential Looks’ gets stylists excited about sharing the latest trends. They can use the House of Colour app or go straight to the 'Essential Looks' website, if they prefer a more digital spin while consulting.

As a salon owner, I would strongly encourage stylists to use 'Essential Looks'! This will enhance the image of your business, showing that you are ahead of the trends.

What do you love about the Creating Tomorrow's Colour Today Collection?

I love the diversity of a new world order of self-expression. This collection is all about colour and an amazing look into our latest line extension for IGORA Royal. We have launched the hottest colour combinations with this collection, for every stylist’s dreams, namely Raw Essentials. Never before have we had these ashy and earthy tones and I know the stylists are going to love them.

Cedar has two offerings in a 7 and 5 level with a reflection of ash and cendre tones, while Clay has two offerings in a 6 and 5 level with a reflection of cendre and chocolate tones. And they are also available in Vibrance, our demi range. I am so excited about this.


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