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Advances in hair conditioning ingredients

Market research shows that more than 50% of consumers globally consider their hair damaged, dry, limp and lifeless.

To better target these consumer problems, Clariant, a leading specialty chemicals company, has developed three new hair conditioning ingredients with very specific performance profiles.

GenadvanceTM hair conditioning ingredients confront hair vulnerability head-on, offering fresh solutions to the stresses hair faces daily. Besides excellent conditioning and detangling, for the first time in hair care history, the GenadvanceTM specialised solutions overcome conventional quats’ limitations to allow for the development of individualised products and novel hair care formats.

The new ingredients are geared towards treating three segments of dry and damaged hair: heavily damaged hair, naturally dry hair due to everyday elements, and thin, lifeless hair due to stressful lifestyle, genetics or ageing. These ingredients are: GenadvanceTM Repair; GenadvanceTM Life; and GenadvanceTM Hydra.


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