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Shelley Walters

My background in sales training comes from generations of successful salespeople. As a result, I have a deep passion for customer connection and creating meaningful, relevant sales experiences. “Sales” runs in my veins.


My no-nonsense approach and campaign to develop innovative sales methods led to recognition as an internationally-recognised sales expert and in-demand keynote speaker. Consequently, I pride myself in being fierce, direct, energetic and practical. I have been described as an unstoppable force, trend-spotter, risk-taker and deal-maker.


My aim is to be more than “just another motivational speaker”; more than a sales trainer, therefore, I aim to develop inspirational, engaging content, actionable ideas, relevant insights and get to the point. I present sales teams with the tools to inspire and equip them to differentiate themselves and your organisation in an increasingly competitive consumer-rich environment.


Shelly’s Credentials:

  • Top performing sales rep, and recipient of numerous quarterly and annual awards – Ricoh

  • Rookie of the Year – Asset Finance

  • Innovator of the Year – Sales & Marketing Manager, Kingfisher FM

  • Executive Director – Conversation Intelligence Africa

  • Founder BEE Level 2 Training Company In-Demand Keynote Speaker (over 350 Conferences)

  • Internationally Recognised Sales Expert


Stef du Plessis

Stef du Plessis helps companies to improve their bottom-line results by growing their people and creating winning workplace cultures. His insights, teachings and methodologies create turning points for individuals, leaders, teams and organisations alike.


He is an expert in the fields of self-mastery, teamwork and leadership. Through his motivational and inspirational talks, business keynotes, workshops and courses, he stimulates the development of human potential and initiates change and growth for individuals, leaders and teams.


Stef has 20+ years of proven results in helping leading brands to improve their bottom-line performance. He is a valued resource to CEO’s who want to crank up their results, and to event planners at premier events worldwide. Stef is a recipient of every award and accreditation available in professional speaking. With a Master’s Degree in Personal and Professional Leadership cum laude he is one of only three dozen speakers worldwide to have earned the Global Speaking Fellow designation (the highest available professional accreditation in speaking). Stef has spoken on 5 continents, and his programs have been used by companies in 50+ countries.

Marisa Dimitriadis .jpg

Marisa Dimitriadis

Marisa Dimitriadis is the founder of the The Spa Consultants, one of South Africa’s leading Spa Design, Development and Operations firms, which has over 40 completed Spa Projects and manages the operations of some leading spas in the country. She travels to spa conferences around the world to collect valuable trends and information and bring them back to the South African market. 

Keshanta Naidoo.png

Keshantha Naidoo

Founder and Director at Channel Reach, a niche digital marketing agency specializing in social media, content marketing, and communications. Keshantha has over 20 years of experience in corporate banking, product management, marketing and communications. She is passionate about technology and its role in the modern-day marketing space.


Co van Doorn

Well known in the hair industry as a celebrated stylist, Co van Doorn has also made a name for himself as a public speaker. He will present at the ‘Get Business Fit’ Conference on client retention. Van Doorn has been running his own business for over 20 years and has been involved for many years as a trainer in the industry. He currently distributes an international haircare brand in KZN.

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