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Wella Professionals Signature Naturals – It’s the Palette of the Season

Sponsored story - Wella Professionals is giving Naturals the upgrade they deserve this Autumn/Winter! The palette is inspired by autumn and winter neutrals, but with a twist.

Natural colours are infused with exciting accents from warm amber hues to dark olive undertones and smoky lavender touches. Create elevated, yet natural-looking colour for your clients that is rich and vibrant.

Wella Professionals Signature Naturals explore the beautiful tension between naturals and dynamic energy. The palette embraces more neutral base colours and brings them to life dynamically and authentically. By mixing different pure neutrals and accent shades, you can influence the resulting colour’s saturation and vibrancy.

EMBRACE Character Blondes

A departure from the more desaturated blondes of previous seasons, blonde now brings an infusion of positive vibes to neutral, yet full-bodied tones.

This season’s Character Blondes are rich and vibrant. Blondes can be anything from Creamy Pearl, an effortless contrast between a pearlier tone with a warm amber hue, to Nude Cashmere with subtle shadows. Sahara Blonde is for clients who are looking for a more vibrant colour with a balanced look that evokes the golden hour. Character Blondes will be an instant hit with clients who are seeking a lively glow!

ELEVATE Neutral Brunettes

In a departure from last season’s tones, we welcome more luscious, more positive and more grounding brunettes infused with a warm touch – a trend that truly makes a statement and has already captured the attention of previously blonde celebrities!

Neutral Brunettes brings a range of alluring accents and subtle multi-dimensions. From Sun-kissed

Sombre, the most natural of all the brunettes, to Bitter Chocolate with a soft hint of butterscotch. Clients seeking a bolder contrast will love the rich neutral base of Burnt Amber tones or Soft Cognac, an intense and nuanced rich brunette.

DIVE INTO Cool Brunettes

In contrast to last season’s more reddish undertones, the current darkest shade brings a cool base with an unexpected, dynamic twist. It captures both a mysterious depth and an enviable ultra-glossy radiance.

Deep, cool tones bring mesmerizing combinations to midnight shades, ranging from a Dark Olive undertone to unexpected Smoky Lavender accents. Luscious Cool Brunettes are magnetic, multi-dimensional additions to the natural-looking trend and will absolutely turns heads!

Colour Services for this Season Created by Wella Ambassadors

Mirror Lights

Create visibly high-definition Amber or Chocolate Mirror Lights with ultra-precise and supremely blended multi-tonal reflections. Amber is our warmest neutral brunette look with a burnt amber tone to add lightness. Chocolate is our coolest brunette look without being too steely or smoky. Soft, sun-kissed hues are introduced at the front of this more bitter chocolate tone.

Root touch-up: A modernised technique for a contemporary take on grey coverage with easy maintenance. Create youthful multi-tones with a deeper background colour and lighter foreground colour.

Shadow Lights

An upgrade of classic highlights. Contrasting tones woven through the hair create high-precision, supremely blended multi-tones, even on extreme hair lengths. Create combinations such as cool cream against subtle amber or warmer apricots tones. These new natural shades create a harmonised base or can support any playful accent tone. Creamy Pearl is our coolest neutral blonde and is warmed up with soft amber hues create a subtle contrast to the pearly shade. Smoky is a moonlight look with a dynamic twist. This cool brunette is brought to life with unexpected smoky lavender accents.

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