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Using TikTok to market your business

The TikTok logo

With social media platform TikTok gaining in popularity, especially among the younger demographics, salons may want to start using TikTok to promote their work and passion for hair.

In an article published in Hairdressers Journal International, Kieran Read writes: “The TikTok app allows users to create and upload short videos, which often involve lip-syncing to popular songs or film and TV quotes.”

In terms of what makes TikTok more effective for your business than other social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, Read quotes Chloe Swift, global educator for ghd, who says: “Compared to other social media platforms, I personally feel I get so much more reach from TikTok – more views, more likes and more followers from people all over the world.”

Edward Hemmings, creative director at Alan D Hairdressing Education and global ambassador for, adds: “My advice is to really play around. Short videos of around 12 seconds seem to work best, and I tend to use the viral music suggestions when creating the videos.

“I use the same few hashtags all the time and answer all comments unless they’re spammed by haters, which get ignored. Posting ‘fyp’ (for you page) also helps push the videos into the For Your Page of random followers.

“Don’t remove slow burners, because the videos can start gaining traction weeks after you post them. Finally, make sure you make your account Pro so you can look at analytics, as this will help you understand your account.”

To read Kieran Read’s full article click here


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