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Twincare wins international accolade

From left: Vincent Terce (MD of KEVIN.MURPHY EMEA), Stav Dimitriadis (CEO of Twincare International), Kiara-Jade De Lange (marketing manager of K.M SA), Andrew Young (sales manager of K.M SA) and Palle Peterson (director sales of KEVIN.MURPHY EMEA)

The KEVIN.MURPHY South Africa division of Twincare International recently won the Up and Coming Distributor of the Year Award at the annual KEVIN.MURPHY event held in Marbella, Spain, at the Don Carlos Resort Hotel.

This award is presented to the distributor that exhibited the most growth over the previous year.

Says Twincare CEO Stav Dimitriadis: “KEVIN.MURPHY South Africa was excited and honoured to be given this accolade. South Africa is a small market compared to the 51 other KEVIN.MURPHY countries that we are competing with.

“As Twincare, we are proud to rank very high in all the brands and are particularly excited to receive the KEVIN.MURPHY award because the brand has experienced such spectacular international growth.

“I would like to thank and congratulate my fantastic team who have done such a phenomenal job. Well Done to Andrea, Andrew, Kiara, Debi, Natassja, Kristy, Lindi and Holly.”

Twincare took over KEVIN,MURPHY’s South African distribution in June 2019.


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