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Top looks at the Met Gala

Quinta Brunson @quintab

If you could drag your eyes away from Doja Cat’s feline nose prosthetic and Lil Nas X’s G-string, there was a wealth of amazingly creative hairdos on show at the recent Met Gala in New York.

A case in point was ‘Abbott Elementary’ star and Golden Globe winner, Quinta Brunson, who rocked laid edges that were defined into curls and paired with a sleek bun to end all buns. Said bun comprised of three tiers of poufs made with spiral braids. The do was styled with white dangling leaves.

Amanda Seyfried @mingey

The award for the most amount of hair on the red carpet must surely have gone to ‘Mamma Mia!’ star Amanda Seyfried, who had a mass of pre-Raphelite blonde waves spilling all over.

Phoebe Bridgers @phoebebridgers

Youthful singer/ songwriter Phoebe Bridgers must surely have been a contender for the messiest updo of the night – her hair was dyed gray (a questionable but trending shade at the moment) and half-festooned into a bun, with lots of strands framing the face. The look was enhanced by thin black Alice bands.

Burnaboy @burnaboygram

Grammy-winning musician Burnaboy had one of the most intricate styles of the night – a high fade paired with a top knot of dreadlocks in a criss-cross pattern and embellished with custom metallic clips that had a ‘B’ monogram on them.

FKA Twigs @louissouvestre

British musician FKA Twigs stunned with her hair slicked back and arranged into ribbon loops.

Lilly Collings @lillycollins

‘Emily in Paris’ star Lilly Collins looked beautiful with her retro bob – reminiscent of those seen on 1940s Hollywood actresses. Her locks were styled by @gregoryrussellhair.

Janelle Monae @nikkinelms

For actress and singer Janelle Monae, celebrity stylist Nikki Nelms constructed a towering top knot wrapped in a braid and ribbon.

Halle Bailey @sparkyourhair

‘Little Mermaid’ star Halle Bailey opted for a short, curly chestnut bob, neatly parted and that was half dreadlocks and half hairpiece.

Cardi B @iamcardib

Rapper Cardi B’s look was worthy of notice because it was so over the top and almost comic-book like – a long grey bouffant wig complete with Alice band.

‘Don’t Worry Darling’ star Florence Pugh has been rocking ultra-sculptural blonde dos on the carpet of late, so her Met Gala Look was startling in contrast – a dark buzz cut worn under a skyscraper feathered head dress.

Micro bangs were definitely a trend on the red carpet as most notably seen on model Emily Ratajkowski, R&B star Lizzo, singer/ songwriter Olivia Rodrigo and British actress Lilly James. (Report by Natasha Chisese and Joanna Sterkowicz)



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