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Shades to die for

Moroccanoil® has launched its new Color Depositing Masks, a collection of dual-benefit hair masks that deposit pure pigments while providing the treatment benefits of a deep conditioning mask.

Available through Twincare International, the new Moroccanoil collection consists of seven curated shades for temporary, beautifully-colored hair that looks and feels healthy. They are: Champagne (warm golden blonde); Platinum (cool, icy blonde); Hibiscus (brilliant pink floral tones); Aquamarine (cool blue tones); Rose Gold (soft pink and golden tones); Bordeaux (deep crimson brown); and Cocoa (rich medium brown).

“Moroccanoil launched in the market 11 years ago with only two or three products and it has now grown to 50 products,” said Andrea Gavril, GM of Twincare International, at a launch held on 30 October in Johannesburg. He continued: “It is a very on trend brand and highly socially active in the UK and US. As Moroccanoil has traditionally been a treatment range, the challenge for it was how to keep what it stands for (i.e. good hair condition) and combine that with color.

“With these new masks, Moroccanoil deposits pigment directly into the hair via easy application. The results are temporary, so there is no commitment. These masks keep hair vibrant and provide a deep conditioning treatment resulting in nourished, silky hair.”

Gavriel noted that the Color Depositing Masks include Moroccanoil’s new, patented ArganID™ technology, whereby positively charged micro-particles are attracted to the negatively charged hair fibre, infusing argan oil into the cortex, while simultaneously helping to repair and seal the hair.

These masks are also formulated with Amino Acid Blend, which offers color protection and repair benefits to strengthen the hair structure, improving color retention and shine while detangling.

Other ingredients include Apricot Kernel Oil, Hydrolyzed Soy Protein, Panthenol and Polyquaternium-70, a conditioning ingredient that helps create healthy looking hair, while providing frizz control, shine retention, detangling and conditioning benefits.


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