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Ethnic hair care drives growth in SA market

Notable new product launches over the past year in the ethnic hair space in South Africa have fueled growth in the local hairdressing market, according to a new report from Euromonitor.

The report notes that retailers and beauty specialists have been increasing their brand offering in the ethnic hair category to include a better variety of products.

“There is a noticeable shift away from chemical-based products to hair care containing natural ingredients. With greater access to information, consumers are realising the long-term effects that harsh chemicals can have on their hair,” states the report.

According to Euromonitor, South African company, Amka Products (Pty) Ltd, was the third strongest player in 2018, after Procter & Gamble, which retained its leadership of hair care in 2018, despite continuing to lose value share. Procter & Gamble was closely followed by L'Oréal South Africa. Amka Products has historically catered primarily for African hair and dominates perms and relaxants.

“With the emergence of locally-manufactured brands that are sold mostly through informal channels such as social platforms, the level of fragmentation within hair care is expected to increase. Locally-manufactured products using natural ingredients and produced on a smaller scale are likely to gain further popularity,” reads the Euromonitor report.

It further notes that dry shampoo, although a small category within hair care, is a growing niche that is gaining in popularity. Some drought- stricken areas in South Africa, where consumers have had their water rationed, led to the popularity of this product.


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