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Demand for zero-waste shampoo set to boom


The zero-waste shampoo market is predicted to grow by $67.96 million from 2022 to 2027, according to global research company Technavio.

It is the disadvantages associated with the consumption of plastics that are driving this market.

States the Technavio report: “The rapid rise in the consumption of plastics has gained the interest of key stakeholders. These include governments, industrialists and consumers. Furthermore, some plastics contain many toxic chemical additives like persistent organic pollutants (POPs). These are considered to cause serious health issues such as cancer as well as mental, reproductive and developmental diseases.

“Also, growing awareness about the disadvantages of plastics has encouraged consumers to shift to zero-waste products, which are eco-friendly and harmless for the environment.”

Technavio notes that the growing adoption of personalized home salon services is an emerging zero-waste shampoo market trend. “The number of players that offer mobile app-based home salon services has proliferated in the market during the last ten years.”

The Online Channel segment will be significant during the forecast period, with Europe alone expected to contribute 32% to the growth of the global market during the forecast period.

As with most markets, the availability of counterfeit products challenges growth. Counterfeit products gain the attention of a wide range of consumers because they are priced comparatively lower than branded products.

In addition, these products are available globally, especially through online channels, which are difficult to monitor or regulate. Sources: Technavio;


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