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You will get unprecedented access to over 8000 of the top salon owners and stylists 

  • Meet decision-makers that have significant purchasing power, face-to-face.

  • Meet new prospects and establish a pipeline for new business.

  • Generate more sales leads per salesperson in less time than field calls.

  • Introduce and demonstrate new & existing products.

  • Reach new customers - from sectors and companies your team never knew existed.


The Expo offers a comprehensive marketing opportunity with an excellent return

  • A comprehensive marketing campaign to promote your company.

  • Printed and electronic tickets for you to send to potential and existing customers.

  • Editorial in pre-show magazines distributed to thousands of beauty industry professionals.

  • E-Newsletters, reminders and full online listings.


Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity, call us 011 781 5970 and book your spot today

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