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Top seasonal hair trends

Collegiate (Image sourced from

In its Essential Looks 2:2022 publication, Schwarzkopf Professional has introduced three seasonal trends – Collegiate, Homecore and Pop & Play.

Essential Looks describes Collegiate as: “Think the 90s. Think grunge. Reinterpreted. Think modern academia. Think the rebel within. You can find the roots of collegiate within youth subculture, where niche nostalgia is a dominant theme. It isn’t just about a certain look or hairstyle; it’s about an attitude, a series of considered contradictions: a playful preppiness juxtaposed by a rebellious edge, a cynicism towards societal norms and expectations. Collegiate taps into the freedom of youth.”

Comments Nick Iriwn, Schwarzkopf Professional Global Styling Ambassador: “It’s about working with the natural fall of the hair.”

Homecore (Image sourced from

Homecore, says Essential Looks, “places the onus on embracing the world on your doorstep. Looking within to move forward. Seeing home as a refuge, a safe space. A place to cook and nurture, to spend time with family and friends. Homecore champions sustainability and personal responsibility, reusing and repurposing where possible.”

“The roundness of the line, along with the unforced finish to the hair, evokes Homecore perfectly. This trend is dominated by shapes that feel slightly offset, out of balance,” states Tyler Johnston, Schwarzkopf Professional Global Ambassador.

Pop & Play (Image sourced form

Lastly, Pop & Play is described in Essential Looks in this way: “Laugh, sing, dance. See it, say it, feel it—the power of joyful expression. Pop & Play is about turning convention on its head, living a life of unbridled joy and positivity derived from artistic expression. Pop & Play espouses the benefits of letting go of your inhibitions and coming together as a community to live a shared life full of colour which inspires a sense of optimism.”

“This is when you can really use colour to make a statement. In terms of the red, I wanted to go for a cherry tone and keep some depth to it to give it a high fashion edge,” explains Arjan Bevers, Schwarzkopf Professional Global Colour Ambassador.

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