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Salon International has compiled the following important information for salon owners who are reopening their businesses.

Firstly, please carefully read the Government Gazette to ensure compliance.

You will also need to comply with the relevant risk assessment requirements and produce the relevant documentation. This is covered in the Government Gazette, item 3.3.

This includes much of the following:

A return to work risk management plan. This should cover all aspects of running your business from staff management to client management, signage, cleaning, sanitisation and masks etc. to name but a few.

A declaration for a business permitted to operate at level 3 lockdown.

This is produced and signed by the owner to confirm all compliance formalities have been undertaken and that you are able to operate.

Appoint a compliance officer. This is a person responsible for ensuring full compliance of lockdown regulations, that staff temperatures taken and recorded, and that all protocols are in place on a daily basis.

You need to plan your reopening and create your risk assessment plan. These detail what you need in order to reopen. For example, such as deciding where appropriate signage should go; sanitisation of staff and clients, hand washing areas and how you intend to clean the premises for opening.

Your risk assessment plan should detail all the things you will have in place in order to operate safely. This would include what you do with used towels, face masks and other clothing, the placement of sneeze screens where appropriate, and staff management. Staff using public transport, for instance, should be assessed differently from those travelling in their own car.

Risk Assessment example

A simple example of risk assessment could be: would a client need to touch a door handle to access your premises? If yes, is this a risk in transferring the virus? Yes. Therefore you need to put in place measures to mitigate that risk. A foot operated hand sanitiser maybe, or a sign asking them to wait outside for an employee to open the door. However, if an employee then touches the door, that is also a risk, therefore you need to address that as well. A simple instruction for the employee to sanitise the door handle after use and then wash their hands would suffice.

Look at all the steps a client and staff take in your premises to see where cross contamination of the virus can take place and put in place procedures to reduce or remove that risk.


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Downloads Posters and Signage

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