If you carry out a treatment now, you are breaking the law!

Red COVID sign - Photo by Edward Jenner

As salon and spa owners will know, President Cyril Rhamaposahas announced an easing of the COVID-19 national lockdown from the end of April.


There has been some confusion as to what this means for our sector. As it stands, we will only be able to open salons and spas when we are at Level 1 of the lockdown and even then, with restrictions yet to be agreed with the government. Until then you are urged to stay at home as much as possible.


There is a collective group working together to try to get a review by the government in order for them to agree for an earlier opening for all salons and spas. This group consists of leading suppliers and manufacturers, associations and of course, Professional Beauty.


The next presentation to the government will be submitted by the EOHCB (Employers Organisations for Hairdressing Cosmetology and Beauty) today on behalf of the industry and the collective mentioned earlier, with a consultation with the above mentioned and many others.


In the meantime, there are two petitions with details below; please sign both if at all possible to support the industry.


One small token of comfort is that our industry does finally appear on the latest list of what businesses can open and when, but yes, we are still at Level 1 for the moment.



A word of caution to those who think they can now work from home. We have seen many posts on social media from people saying that they can now do treatments at home. If you do, you are breaking the law and risk arrest for both you and your client.



(Report by Phil Woods)